Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The morning of traveling after a night of ...

 "I don't feel good. I'm freezing cold."
You have got to be kidding me.
And I don't mean the chicken. She could lay a few more eggs for me ... I mean the girl.
I really do have to work today. The Urgent Care closes before I'm home.
Will see how she feels today at school. No option to stay home.
Homework must be collected and a test to take.

The other teen traveler is off today.
"I really didn't know what time we were leaving ...." Hmph. She has a mound and a half of work to get busy on. I'm guessing we'll be spending some quiet days at the public library with our noses in school work.

Last night was a hailstorm of teen and mom for a while.
"No, you are not taking that!"
"What is wrong with it? I wore it last time and you didn't care."
"Do you have jeans packed without holes in the knees?"
"Do you have a purse I can borrow?" (Thank goodness for Alyx's closet!)
"I need a new toothbrush."
"I should probably weigh my bag." (Wonder how many shoes are in that one!)
It really wasn't a pretty thing to witness.
Some of the males around here hid in the man cave ... the others just plain escaped!

Gotta go start the car. 11 degrees out there.
Went and looked.
-11 out there. Those little - signs just sort of creep up on you!

In case you were wondering ... and even if you weren't.

6:25 a.m. Driving east along PW Highway: still too dark to see the outline of the mountains and the car thermometer reads -11.

6:47 a.m. After waiting for a bus and then driving west to fill my gas tank I turned back east along the same road. I can now see the outline of the mountain (at least part of it) and the car reads 8 above! It really is only 2 miles from the bus stop to the gas station.

Pull onto our road, which really isn't that long, and the temp starts dropping. By the time I've parked in my spot it is now down to -2. Come in the house and the temp reads -10 on the thermometer out on the porch.

Go figure!

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jenny said...

wahoo!!!! now we are down to hours not days! I got a chuckle out of the 'storm' of packing!! LOL
see you soon!