Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pitching and painting.

Lots of stuff.
Why on earth do we accumulate so much stuff and why is it so difficult
to part with so much of it?
This blow dryer went to the dear dipsy dumpster a while ago, but was one of those things. It has helped peel up flooring several times, dried paint numerous times, traveled thousands of miles around the country ... and it finally gave up the ghost.
Made me kinda sad.

Yes, we are in pitch mode over here. Big time.
I just went through my closet. That really doesn't take long if you do it often enough.
Haven't worn it in a year? It's gone to the poor soul who buys it from the nearest thrift store. Let's hope they appreciate it more than I do now. Better yet, let's hope it fits them better than me! I won't be envious.

This week it has been the pitching of big stuff. Selling it if we can, pitching it if we must.
Our used car lot.
If you don't have teens yet, just wait a little bit.
Toyota Camry is a very nice car. Sort of ran "itself" out of oil a while back. Can't find a used motor anywhere (here or abroad apparently) and it has sat here long enough.
Red VW made a serious attempt at ditch diving recently and is no longer operable.
Let's just say that even the roof of the car has a bit of a buckle in it.
Definately not going to be staying with us.
Then there is this nifty pickup. Good running thing. Just needs a clutch replaced ...
and the driver/owner won't be needing it anymore.
They are all scheduled for pickup this afternoon.
Cross your fingers. 
By the time the weather is predicted to warm up in the next few days from this -6 we're experiencing today ... we'll be ready for dump runs.

I was serious about the pitching if you didn't believe me.
We hauled a rather large entertainment center up here with us.
Jari had fashioned it from wood removed from a 1930 circa barn.
It now stands in a pile and is scheduled for pickup.
For this one I'm making a bit of a trade.
I do want a picture frame made out of some of it.
It is really beautiful stuff and will complement the canvas photo very well.

Not only are we pitching ... we're fixing.
Master bathroom is done!
New flooring, trim and paint.
Main bathroom got paint where it needed it as well.
Next on the paint list is Tia's room.

Right now my hubby has water line and heating tape stuff stretched all over the house. He's working on getting water running to someone's cabin up the road.
Me? I'm blogging for a minute. Then off to a visit at the doctor, a conference for a kiddo and you can only imagine the other things.

While you're imagining, come up with something good for me.
Pretty please.

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Jenny said...

what?! you took apart the entertainment center!?! I am jealous tho...I need to do some serious pitching around here. why in the world do we keep all these extra clothes laying around?? I still have things in bins that I haven't worn in years!! pathetic!
I bet it feels good to sort through everything!