Thursday, April 29, 2010

The time has come ...

I was looking for a photo to share today and found that I've cleaned up my computer a bit too much in the past few days. I'll have to dig a little deeper. This was taken last April 21st. Not far off ... in fact, this past week there has been no blanket needed out there. Beautiful!!!

It looks like the temps this year on par with last year. Jari was sweating out on the porch the other day and actually had to take down some of the plastic. This past winter we made a "wind break" out there. We covered the west wall with plastic to cut down the wind. It made it easier to grill outside all winter long with no wind in the way.

The past 2 days have been absolutely divine!! Yesterday I heard grumbles of "is there any place around here that is not HOT?!" Our living area windows all face sunshine. Good thing for cross breezes. If we're having issues at 60ish degrees outdoors .... come summer we'll be camped in the basement.

Cukes, pepper and tomato plants have taken over the kitchen table. Hoping to move them, as well as all the lobelia, to other containers on Saturday. It's still too cold outside at night (the days aren't all warm either) to move to the greenhouse and I refuse to heat it. We'll find places with sunshine ... somewhere where kids don't close the blinds on me and stunt the poor tomatoes. Green onions are growing out in the greenhouse. Apparently they wintered well. I didn't know they would start growing again. Minus any attention or water. They certainly are!

Off to work and a very busy day. Have a good one!

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