Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A restful weekend in Seward

We left Saturday morning and were back in time for Sunday School on Sunday. Had plenty of time for relaxation and enjoying the sights and smells of Seward.

On the way we saw an eagle perched up on the power pole. Wonder what kind of smaller critter he has found for dinner!

The pass still has plenty of snow (with more falling on Sunday) but the roads were beautiful ... as was the scenery.

Jari had never been down to Lowell Point. What fun to introduce him to places I've been with the kids. Some day I'd love to go down to this side of Seward and rent a cabin to do some reading and sea kayaking.

This otter was fun to watch. I don't think I've ever seen one in someplace other than captivity. At one point, watching from the hotel window, it looked like he was waving to us. Not sure I want to get real close tho'. His teeth didn't look nearly as friendly as his wave.

Boats. So many boats. Jari and I enjoy walking the marina and seeing the sights. Boats for sale ... big time dreaming. This one made me itch to start refinishing the side of it.

Blayde didn't come with us, but the other 4 did. Where on earth has time gone?! Seward, before the crowds of summer, is a favorite place of ours. Alyx took the weekend off work to be able to go. Next year we'll have to do it a little earlier in the season. The parking lots had a few too many cars in them.

No trip to Seward is complete without a trip to Subway. The weather was not warm. Not even close to warm. The picnic moved itself to a heated truck rather quickly.

The Hillukkas joined us on this trip. Much time was spent at the hotel's swimming pool. A novelty for sure. It is the only time of the year when we're likely to see a chlorinated swimming pool. It is probably the only weekend of the year that we'll stay in a hotel (unless we're traveling outside) and not in our camper. After much swimming, some sightseeing, some magazine reading, some Settlers and Monopoly Deal ... Sunday dawned with the need to head for home. A stop at Safeway gave the guys some visiting time while we ran in the for other "gotta have" of the weekend.

Thank goodness for bladders that are a bit more mature these days! We did have to make one stop before we hit the restrooms at the pass.

The skies didn't look very friendly. It just amazes me how nature colors itself black and white. I see Ansel Adams (who for years was my favorite ever!) in every turn all winter long.

The Pass had so much snow we were wishing we had sleds along. Some snow gear would have been in order as well. Something other than swimsuits and flip flops.

So we dream of taking the campers, generators, snow machines, snow boards and sleds .... and heading out again. The kids would do it next weekend if they could. We'll aim for next winter instead.

Reality beckoned quickly. And here it is already Tuesday morning.

The air smelled like rain as I was leaving work yesterday. Had to take a great big whif. Haven't smelled that in many months. We've had a few drips of rain, a few sprinkles of light snow. The weather doesn't seem to understand that I have crops growing inside. They are ready for summer!!


Susan Stevenson said...

We're heading to Seward in a week or so. I've never been there in the 'winter' (although I've been to Homer, so we've driven through the pass when it's full of snow). I'm looking forward to getting some photos there.

We'll be staying in a hotel too, but we're much more comfortable towing our camper. Can't wait for summer!


Anita said...

We are more than anxious for summer around here. So many new places I keep hearing about that I want to explore. Have you been to Seldovia or Halibut Cove?

Your photogaphy is stunning, Susan!

Susan Stevenson said...

I have been to Seldovia, but not Halibut Cove. Seldovia is a quaint little town.. not much to do there except explore (which is just fine with me). My husband and I took the water taxi over a few years ago. It was a four hour trip in all I think. We had about 2.5 hours on Seldovia before the taxi came back for us. There's a restaurant there which other tourists ate at, but we packed lunches in our backpack and sat at the water's edge eating and then took a walk through town. Here's my blog entry for that trip (the photos may take a long time to load, as I was blogging entire months on one page then) http://www.susanstevenson.com/Journal/AlaskaJune2004.htm#June22

I've heard good things about Halibut Cove, but just haven't been there yet.

Thank you for the kind words about my photography. :) If you ever want some input about other places around the state, don't hesitate to ask or email me (snooze4592@yahoo.com). We've been everywhere the road goes, and some places it doesn't. *grin*

Joni said...

Fun pics, Anita! Alaska would be a really fun place to visit some day! That won't happen for a loooong time! Fun to see it in your pics, tho'!!