Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm telling you ... this weather here is crazy.

I've been hiding for a while. Will life EVER slow down?! I doubt it. If I'm absent on here, send me some little thoughts that say "take a slow, deep breath" ... it usally means life is going at mach speed.

Thursday we had snow again. April 22nd to be exact. Not unexpected. Kind of fun (don't tell anyone I said that) to have an Ansel Adams world for a day. It was gone the next day. Jari was grilling when I came home. The grill is on the screened porch for the winter and will move outside shortly. Burgers and dogs. Yum!

And just because I love snowy trees ....

and because Tia is enamored of snowboards on tramps .... we enjoyed the day of it. It was nearly gone by nightfall. Definately gone on Friday.

Friday evening we had HAPs over here. Houseful of young folks with energy! Good time playing Apples to Apples (I watched) and teaching others to play Monopoly Deal.
Saturday I was On Call. Was really hoping to work. Maybe I was too choosy. Would have liked about 4 hours of work ... not 12. Didn't get any. What I got was time. 

**  Time to get graduation announcements printed and Alyx got them all into envelopes.
** Time to get some laundry done.
** Time to rake part of the yard. (Kind of forgot what a blister feels like!)
** Time to actually get a Sunday School lesson done on a Saturday!

The sun was absolutely radiant on Saturday!! The guys were out working the yard. We're all fans of quick naps around here. I prefer something a wee bit cushier than this 4-wheeler ... but whatever works!

I don't know that Fred slept all that well sitting upright. :)

I worked outside and finally had to shed a layer. The rest of the household was out in sweatshirts. I got down to a tank top and believe it or not .... got some sun!!

Just so we really appreciate the days of beautiful sunshine ... yesterday was cloudy with a titch of wind. Maybe next week.

Monday today again.

Anna & I are off to Anchorage to see the ONLY pediatric orthopedic surgeon in the state of Alaska. Will see what he says about her scoliosis.

Alyx is off to enjoy Senior Skip Day. This befuddles me just a bit. I signed a permission slip for her to skip. They actually board a school bus and head down to Anchorage to H2Oasis to swim for the day. Get their yearbooks this morning before they hit the bus. She's going to have a blast!

Tia's last concert of the year is this evening. Going to be a good one. From what I understand ... I might want to bring along a pair of ear plugs. Must, must, must ... remember the camera.


Heather said...

You really need some chickens, turkeys, geese, and ducks to roam around the yard... it eliminates outdoor nap time :)

Anonymous said...

don't forget the camera!!! fun chatting with you last night. I never did get to the store....just got too tired, and it was late!
It's a cleaning, bill paying, organizing, errand running day around here today!! got my running shoes on, and have been going strong all a productive monday! :)