Thursday, April 15, 2010

The National Weather Service

didn't get the message.
It is April.
Yesterday was April 14th ... to be exact ... and it snowed ALL DAY long.
We all know this is not unexpected.
We're just in "dreaming of summer" mode. Big time.

By the time I got home from work a bit before 5 pm yesterday, it was starting to stick.

In places where climbing pea vines ought to be thinking about sticking ... not clumps of snow.
The rail was starting to build up ...

The rake. Oh my goodness. The poor rake. It must be just totally confused. It has been doing some work on dirt. It really doesn't know what to do with snow.

And this guy? He's not really ready for iced over roads either. He doesn't run around with studs on his tires. (Neither does anyone else in this house, but that's another story.)

I did the usual. Made dinner. Picked up a few things. Whatever it is that I do on a daily basis after a day at work passing out narcotic pain medications and making follow up appointments. Then off to my music duty at Wednesday evening Bible Class. It just amazes me that our world has turned so light so fast. I probably won't quit being amazed. I grabbed the camera and headed outside at 9:30 pm. I have a problem with a blue hue in my photos and as much as Frans tried to teach me white balancing ... I'm just dibble in that department. So I played with the color, took out the blue. I did not play with the lighting in this picture. This is a true light picture at 9:30 pm. Don't you just love it?! We certainly do.

Welcoming lights from inside the house. It isn't THAT light out at that time of the evening. :)

... and inside the house is the most amazing quilt ever. Anna has been spending time at Ambers doing some sewing. They make the funnest bags and aprons ever. Anna also makes some absolutely beautiful quilts. The top of this one is done and it is a bit larger than she anticipated. Now to pick up some batting, backing and start pinning it all together.

After seeing this one ... I came up with a plan. :) Mom's plans and ideas. They sort of make everyone shudder when I have one ... and with good reason. I made Anna a deal. I'll quilt this one and she can sew me several quilt tops that I've been wanting. All blocks or stripes ... one in bright colors and another in earthy tones. Let's see if she takes me up on it. This quilting project right here, hand done of course, is going to take more than just a few audio books!


Anonymous said...

Awesome Quilt Anna. I was thinking
of making a Crazy Quilt some day from left over fabric; the reason 4
sewing machine with the fancy stitches. But this quilt is also an idea to toss around.

We are having burgers, potato salad, beans, etc. at 5 today to
help Reino celebrate spring fever
and everyone from the Manor is invited. Bought apple pie for

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it is still snowing there, and it is 90 here! but that picture of the house does look so inviting!! that quilt is awesome!! Keep it up Anna, I sure wish I knew how to sew!

Heather said...

I will take you up on the offer... I will sew the quilt tops and you do the batting and handsew on the back... I like to sew the top, but that is as far as I get.