Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Saturday was one of these kind of days ....

the kind where you just need to take the socks off and clean in your bare feet because they're itching to feel something other than socks. Where your feet aren't chilly ... they enjoy the fresh air! Not quite warm enough (at least in my opinion) to slip on the flip flops to hit the store. Others would disagree.

The tramp went back up again in the yard. Anna and Tia were quite eager to do some jumping ... one so eager she didn't care if she still wore pajamas.

This just looks downright scarey, doesn't it? Jari had been working on the little red car for days. He tore it apart last week and replaced the $69 heater core .. the job that the shop was going to charge $1000 for. Next came the oil seal (I think!) and then the timing belt. Monday he did some more tweaking on the timing belt, but it may just run again!! Perfect sunny weather to be out there wrenching. :)

There are some things in life that are just worth treasuring by the season. One would be weather warm enough to have the windows and doors open while you bake. Even better ... being able to leave the window open above the kitchen sink and finding that the kitchen faucet doesn't freeze. 'Tis that season now. Absolutely blissful!

I only snuck outside a few times that day, but can you believe this?!! This would be the start of the rhubarb feast. (The freezer is still loaded from last year's crop.) The strawberry runners were green on Saturday and the rhubarb is waking up. Made my fingers itch to feel dirt in them. Made my legs itch to run and buy some seeds. So I did.

This was somtime Saturday afternoon. Still a driveway filled with the look of winter .. and certainly the slippery feel of winter. Monday evening it was clean of all snow and ice. Tuesday morning (a few minutes ago) it is covered with snow. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

That's okay. We'll still pack these away and call it a year .. call it a season ... and gladly move on to the next.

I'm ready for daily runs to the greenhouse to see what else is sprouting, blooming or bearing fruit.
I'm ready for the porch. First I have to refinish the couch so the boys can move it back up there for me. After that ... I'm ready for naps out on the porch ... or relaxing with a good book. I did a test run on Sunday for a bit. My blanket could have been a wee bit warmer as it was only 41 degrees out there and very breezy ... but catnap I did!

How is your spring coming along?

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