Thursday, April 22, 2010

Last evening I stayed "in"

and actually made it outside for a few minutes.
I didn't last long on the tramp.
Just a few minutes.
I was pretty thrilled with the whole thing tho'.
Jumped without a Depend on ... and didn't need a cast or anything when I was done!

This one was out there for about half an hour making that snowboard do fun things.

She didn't get this piece of her personality from me.
This piece is her dad ... completely!

It has been a busy week around here. We got to meet Darrell and Mavis Simonson this past week. We've joined the Young Living Essential Oils organization and are in the process of learning how to use them to enhance our lives and our health. We have much to learn! I sort of feel like I'm sitting in my college chemistry class on the first day. Monday evening we had a meeting over at our house and were able to meet some wonderful people.
Tuesday evening we followed it up with some Rain Drop treatment teaching and treatments. Great stuff ... can't wait to learn more!

This evening I'm On Call and probably working. That really is a good thing. I keep shopping airlines for Anna's tickets and don't like what I'm finding. They aren't anything worse than ordinary. I just don't like them. Work, work work to play, play, play. Keep working and maybe I'll make it to Minnesota in August myself.

Friday evening HAPs over here and then On Call all day Saturday again. Saturday call is a great thing. Don't dare start too big a project in case you get called in. Scrapbooking and things like that end up being the order of the day. :)

I turned off comment moderation on the blog. Awhile back there was a comment that I didn't think was appropriate and so I started checking them first.
I'll try it again and see if we have good luck this time.

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Heather said...

I really wish I was courageous.... however, I really worry about the legs, knees, hips, head... you know all those vital things :)
A 7 year old is offering to teach Heidi to ride a horse. We are going to need him to as I won't get on a horse without a surrounding that is falling off proof :)