Friday, February 3, 2012

Weeds or wildflowers?

I threw out a bunch of wildflower seed in the backyard a while ago. I have no clue if they will sprout or not, but hope just seems to spring eternal in the flower department over here.

Some might sort of look like those take over everything in sight beautiful yellow flowers that bloom in the spring. I'm really not sure. I just kept pulling out the ones that were very obviously thistle and kept hoping. At least no one can see my back yard!

The front yard has a few as well. I've been told that it is really difficult to tell if they're weeds or wildflowers until they bloom.

So, I've been patiently waiting. Watching. Waiting some more.

Yesterday I found out that there is someone in my cul-de-sac who is much more educated in these things than I am.

I'm so glad.

According to the landlord, who texted Jari, via the HOA who had a complaint from, I'm assuming, someone who lives in our small little cul-de-sac world ... these are weeds.

So much for hope. Today they get pulled or sprayed.

I'm sort of wondering if the same complaint came from the people who wanted our dumpster hauled in from the curb. Huh? Trash pickup was yesterday and Jari pulled it right in after the big truck came by. If they're that confused ....

Perhaps they really don't know a weed from a wildflower after all. And maybe, just maybe, I should wait another week to see if they bloom.


Anonymous said...

somebody must have way too much time on their hands to be complaning about a few weeds! not to fun living in town when you have a HOA. susie edwards

Anonymous said...

Had to know you're not in AK anymore if someone complains of a couple 3 inch WEEDS in someone else's yard!!! Wow, huh? Alisa

Anita said...

You girls are both right! It is a wee bit crazy.