Monday, February 20, 2012

Hoarding at the market.

My family thinks I've gone around the bend.
Every time I come in the door with more bags from the grocer, I get a look and comment.
I'll probably have to start shopping in the dead of night.

I did not purchase the pile of cans on the counter and my cupboard is so organized it is scary.

I'm trying to be a good girl by using coupons and sales ads to stock the larder. It takes a lot of work! Unlike smaller communities, this city offers quite the selection of shopping experiences with different bargains.

Yesterday I had the chance to start a whole new thing. In the past week I learned about Market on the Move. Click here so you can explore this yourself, but for $10 you can pick up 60 pounds of fresh produce. The place I went to on Saturday had several semi loads of vegies brought up from farmers around Tucson. All extra stuff that is going to be tossed if not used. I've never cooked eggplant in my life. Believe it or not, I stuffed some through the juicer and drank it. I'm still living to write about it so it must not be that bad! I'll try another trip and see what they have before I buy a card that gets me a year's worth of visits to the Market. I don't know if there are any such markets in the north country, but check around and let me know.

I have to say that the grape tomatoes were absolutely delicious. There are a lot of them in the fridge right now waiting for salads or some kind or another. I put about half of them in the dehydrator seasonsed with sea salt and basil for snacking.

You'd think I was feeding an army around here.
Wonder what it will look like in a few years when there are just two of us wandering around taking up space.
Probably worse.


thomas john paul said...

Beautiful arrangements

Anonymous said...

I've gone to Market on the Move (MOM) a couple of times now. I froze my cherry tomatoes and made marinara sauce for the freezer. I had this huge box of green peppers....cut up and froze bags of those as well and made 24 stuffed green peppers for supper! It's interesting trying to use up all the produce! I tell my kids to take as much as they want! :)
Glad others have discovered this as there is soooo much produce available.

Anonymous said...

- Brita R. (forgot to leave my name)