Monday, February 13, 2012

Celebrating Friendship

Friendship is such a special gift.
One of the many beautiful things we brought back from Alaska with us was the ability of my teen daughters to have friends of all ages.
Not just teens.
To be friends with moms of many littles.
To be super excited when one of them comes to town.
So ... we have enjoyed spending time with Denise and Hudson ... a little here, a little there.

Tia, Denise, Hudson, Anna

Friendship is a marvel in itself.
Add to that today's techology and it nearly makes your head spin.
Saturday evening we Skyped with Denise's family back in Alaska.
On the big screen via mirror image from some other electronic device.

The mom got to see her family. The family got to see all of us hoodlums who were gathered around a hootin' and a hollarin'.

It was soon to be Mariah's birthday so we even had a cake. I'm not sure who blew out the birthday candle (one of the more gullible little ones), but that was one whompin breath!
The whoosh came from Alaska and the candle snuffed out in Arizona.

Just imagine.
When I went to Finland the year after high school, mail came via the post man.
Telephone calls were very infrequent and when it was announced there was a call for you, you ran.
The cost of making those calls was exorbitant.
There was a way to get around that if you used the pay phone and rammed in money as fast as your fingers would let you. Then the phone might jam and you'd be good for a few minutes.
That was only 28 (ouch ... that was a super huge gulp there!) years ago.
I am seriously getting up there in the age department.
Imagine the technology my children (me too for that matter) will see in the next 30 years.
Better yet, should this planet last that long, imagine what my grandchildren will be witness to.

I am in serious trouble.
If you don't know my husband, I'm here to inform you.
He is an electronics junkie. Big. Time.

P.S. This time of year is a very busy one for us here. We are very fortunate to be changing the bedding in the guest room frequently in the next few weeks. If I'm absent, it's because I've been having so much fun that when I sit down to blog for a minute I fall asleep. Please hang in there with me!

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Anonymous said...

Understandable if you don't get on here ... I'll just use my imagination of all the people coming and going ... and wishing I could be one of them. Enjoy the guests and Winter Services ... we'll be thinking of you all there.
~ Joyce K.