Sunday, February 5, 2012

My favorite ... a yard sale.

Oh yes. My absolute favorite thing to do.
In my books, it ranks right up there with toilet bowl scouring and a visit to to the dentist.
But we did it and managed quite well.
The day was sunshine filled and we did robust business.

I'm only left with one garage wall filled with boxes that are ready for donation to some charity or another. The only other thing that went yesterday that I hadn't planned on losing was my cell phone. We know when it happened. And they certainly knew what they were doing. Gone. Some idiot who can't work for their own things decided that they needed to have my beautiful purple phone. Go figure. I was not pleased. In the least. If you can just imagine. I didn't have insurance on the phone so AT&T wouldn't track it for me. The dorks turned off the tracking immediately so Jari couldn't track it either. Highly irritating!

I was left with a few treasures that didn't sell ... and I'm not donating them either.
Alyx fell in love with this little sewing chair when she was here and I sort of took a little liking to it myself. Not in love withe the vinyl upholstery so that will have to undergo a transformation.

The seat flips up for storing goodies. I just think it is darling and can't wait to try and do something with it. Furniture reupholstery on You Tube ... here we come! Not until sometime in March or April tho'.

This dresser didn't even go out to the sale. It stayed hidden. Who would buy this atrocious thing anyway? Rain weathered. (Incidentally ... rain seems to be a good varnish remover.) Missing 2 drawers and uglier than most anything. Potential galore with a capital P.

I'm sort of envisioning something that looks like this picture off Pinterest with added color somewhere in the baskets.
This might be an April project. Or March. Or February if I'm too impatient.

I have a few more saves as well, but this one sort of tickled me. A pin cushion? Yup, a pin cushion. I've never had one. My pins roll around in the bottom of my sewing box or any other place that they seem to accumulate. This is going to be grand. It will certainly come in handy for the project above.

Life is on a roll. Yard sale is done. This week we need trips to both the dump and the donation place.
I have a new phone and, although I've lost any new contacts since sometime in October, I have my Words With Friends game back in my world again. I'm loaded with audio books and good to go!

This week starts the influx of visitors to town. The first one isn't staying with us, but I hope to do some running and playing while she is here. Nap when I can, infuse lots of vitamin C and coffee, work a little, play lots.

This week we are also starting another online school kiddo at home. That may slow down the mom's play department a little, but may give me some help in the furniture refinishing area. We may just have to call it Wood Shop Class or something like that. Sounds reasonable to me.

Toodles for today. Have a great Monday and hopefully your alarm rings a little later than mine tomorrow morning!


Amber said...

Ooooh.. can I help with the chair when I'm down there?

Anita said...

Ooooh yes!! I'd love some help with it. Isn't it just cute? I'll save up my coupons and find my staple gun!

Amber said...

Are you sure you want to keep it?? It might look kinda cute in my house. ;)