Friday, February 3, 2012

Photo a Day by the Week for the Year

I'm trying this for the first time ever.
This Photo a Day thing.
I started posting a photo a day to a Flickr album and decided that I really didn't like that for myself.
I really like the look of a scrapbook page put together. And this way ... it is all done!

So, here you go.
Note that I'm really into this red arrow stuff today. My job lists today will probably be cut out of red construction paper in the shape of arrows. Being as I'm not getting a stinkin' thing done today, the lists may reach from me to you.
If you click on the Photo a Day which is circled in red it will lead you to ....

the Flickr page where I've just changed my daily photos to weekly pages.

With my toes and fingers crossed to the point of cramping, I'm really hoping to keep up with this!

Feel free to nag at me a bit if you notice I'm slipping.

1 comment:

jessica said...

I LIKE this method! I have to admit, you're one smart cookie! ;-) keep up the good work!