Friday, November 18, 2011

Turning new leaves ...

or maybe we're just trying to find spring in what seems like fall.I'm talking about the act of aging.
We aren't getting any younger around here.
Neither are you and it makes me feel a wee bit better. (grins)
What is it that makes a person start to take notice of life and the way they feel?
Makes one want to have a little more energy in their day? Feel a little better?
I'm not ready to make a lifestyle change that won't be with me forever.
I'm not really intersted in fad food changes or life changes that come and go. I hope that won't be me.
In the past few weeks, Jari and I have been on sort of journey of health exploration.
We all know what is "suppose to" be good for us. That basic food group thing. Everything in moderation. Exercise. Yadada.
I'm not good at any of it. Especially the exercise category. I am not going to be a fitness guru. Ever. Should that unlikely thing happen ... do something like slap me. I'm serious.
We are going to try some new things around here. I'm not sure the kids will be on board with it ...
but you never know!
The beginning of this week I ordered a juicer. Last night when I came home it was sitting in that beautiful Amazon[dot]com box outside the door. I went with a less expensive juicer than the one I saw being used on the highly motivating Fat Sick and Nearly Dead that we were led to. (Absolutely fascinating by the way!) This one was rated well wherever I looked and will do the job. Should this end up being a passing fancy .... at least I won't have spent oodles of money. It did lie about one thing. An apple does not fit in the chute unless you're using little things you picked off your own tree.

This morning I juiced fruit. I am not crazy about eating fruit and vegies. I like some of them, but to sit down and eat a bowl or plate of fruit for me is near torture. Anything laced with or coated in sugar? Bring it on! Not fruit. Today I tried. 2 good size apples, 2 pears and probably 2 cups of red grapes went through the juicer. Then I proceeded to drink all of it ... and felt like I had just downed Thanksgiving dinner. Full to the point of needing a nap and taking one out in the sun! Full for HOURS ... most of the day. I won't do that again! Tomorrow I'm sharing with Jari and we can both be stuffed.

Tomorrow I'm also going green vegie shopping. I have never eaten a piece of kale in my life. I'm telling you .... I'm a little selective in my vegie eating. I thought I was doing good with craving green beans several years ago. I'm still not ready for beets. Maybe I'll drink them instead.
I am cooking dinner tomorrow. I'll continue doing that. Otherwise, we're juicing breakfast and lunch.
Don't let that scare you away from visiting us. I still have eggs and bacon in the fridge. And .... I'll still make you the world's greatest pancakes topped with fruit, syrup and whipping cream.
I might just drink my fruit while you eat the rest.

Thanks to my friend Ronda, who was willing to join me this morning, we took a "stroll" up a wee little hill. In the scheme of mountain hikes, it is a stroll. For me who doesn't do any wee mountain strolling, it was a great accomplishment to 1) get shoes on feet, 2) get out the door and 3) walk outdoors and enjoy it! I've been getting a little frustrated with myself. The weather is beautiful. The wind isn't howling. I don't need hat/mitts/boots. Why is it so hard to get into a routine of just getting out there?! I'm planning on this becoming a routine as well, although it might involve some serious self talk ... or a like minded person who is motivating.

All in all ... it was a grand day.

This evening we had visitors!
We were blessed with a new nephew on Wednesday. Dustyn Ray is a first boy in a family that has 6 girls. God figured they were ready for a boy and blessed Frans & Jenny with a strapping healthy one.
This picture was taken at the hospital Thursday evening.

Photo courtes of i-phone.

Tonight he came over to visit with part of his family.
I hope salmon chowder doesn't make him cranky and he lets his mommy sleep tonite.

In other exciting news ....

Alyx got 2 jobs today!

She will be doing in home care 2 days a week and working at a convenience store up the street the other 5 days. She's going to be a mighty busy girl for a while! Congratulations!!

I mowed the lawn today and wondered why I couldn't just shove all that wet grass through my juicer. I could drink for a week! We sort of overseeded and have a barely cuttable hay field growing. I have to figure out how to change the sprinklers so they quit watering it twice a day. Looks good though!

It is getting downright close to being Saturday morning.
The girls are off and running, Jari has gone to sleep and the house is nice and quiet (because the klunky dryer finished its thing). The windows are open and I'm hoping the temp in here is below 70 in the morning. A sweatshirt would feel kinda good!

Have a safe and happy weekend!

oh. my. gosh.
Duke just started up some little barking in his sleep. I wonder what he is dreaming about.
Fred? Dog bones? Moose? Oreo?
His barks sound like little puppy yelps.

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