Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Salmon Success

I found a WalMart! One I can find things in. One that has things. Like good canning jars.
I am over the moon. (Maybe that is a slight exaggeration ... but I'm nearly there.)
Saturday activity over here included this new little gadget that enables us to can things outside.
It will also allow us to deep fry things outdoors.
Maybe we'll finally try deep frying some halibut.
I have deep fried absolutely nothing inside my house for years.

We hauled down a little less than 50 pounds of salmon with us. The good stuff. :)
Much of the salmon was frozen in the Ziploc variety of vacuum seal bags.
Last year I really don't remember a problem with them. This year we have a problem.
Maybe we've moved the fish too many times and handled the bags a little more than they liked.
Either way, some of the fish needed to be canned before it was no good anymore.

We got it done while enjoying the beautiful 70 degree day outside today. Pure delightful especially when you hear temps from places in Alaska ... like Fairbanks. Yoikers but it is downright chilly there.

Then we moved on to juicing green stuff.

We tried 1 bunch of kale, 4 stalks of celery, 2 cucumbers and 2 granny smith apples.
Then I made sure it was equally divided.
If I'm going to drink this .... so is Jari.
No cheating going on here!
It was downright nasty.
The kind where you are sorely tempted to plug your nose and gulp it down.
I skipped the nose plugging and tried the chugging.
Even that didn't do it!
It went down the hatch .... barely.
To be perfectly honest, if I had to live on it I would undoubtedly develop a taste for it.
The thought of living on it makes me have pangs of starvation.
The resulting full stomach was nothing like the fruit drink.
This one had me inhaling a bowl of potato chips an hour later.
So much for that idea!
I'll do it again tomorrow tho'. What else am I going to do with all that kale in the fridge?
The apples ... a pie would work right fine.
The cucumbers ... maybe on a sandwich or just plain.
The kale? I'm going to be juicing ... and drinking.

After having Dean & Keilah with family over this late afternoon, and dinner, they headed on to the next house. Super fun to have them over. I took a video on my phone of the activity going on over here and forgot to stop recording at the length where I could still send it off the phone. Went too long and now I can't. It was good giggles.

After they left I realized what day today is.
Yes, I know it is Saturday.
The date?
The 19th.
That means tomorrow is the 20th and there is a bake sale at church.
And I signed up to bring something.
And I forgot.
Until 7pm Saturday night when I'm down to 1 cup of sugar in the house.
I'm baking .....

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