Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I tell you ... it's a wonderful week!

... and it's only Tuesday!
Monday I was working in Tempe and spied this view on my way home.
I don't dare haul a camera with me to work anymore, but I couldn't believe my eyes!
I've never seen corn growing on the reservation.
I'm back to work. I secured a prn/pool position and was looking at working 2 days a week.
However, knowing how those things work ... there is never a guarantee.
You're the first to be axed off the schedule if the census plummets or the "normal" folks
arent' taking time off. Today I was offered a benefited part time position!! Yippee!!
I'm doing okay with the early mornings and managing to get to work on time.
I also found something fun today. I can do my phone chats to other places on my drive home.
Catches people at a decent time of the day .. perfect!
For now my life looks like it will involve working three days a week ... some shorter than others.
Still time to refinish furniture and maybe try my hand at that crochet hook again.

Maybe I'll even remember my own glasses on Thursday and won't have to wear the Target dollar cheaters that I found in the car.
Thank goodness they were there ... I'd not have seen a thing today!

Alyx has an interview tomorrow ... send up a little prayer for her and cross your fingers!

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