Monday, November 7, 2011

Nearly a week?! An entire week?!

What on earth have I been doing????
Well ... I tried crocheting some more foot things and ended up starting a scarf instead.
I'll wait on the slippers for some other time in my life.

I've wrapped Christmas gifts. Wrapped! (That means that first I had to create.) Anna walked into my closet today and found my stash. Ooh La La. I've been having fun. I'm not done, but the big things are done and wrapped. Tags ... ribbon and all. I might be done by Thanksgiving for the first time ever in my life.

Today Jari is doing much better. I really need to get copies of medical files from different places and have a file cabinet for them. He had two massages last week and saw the chiropractor twice. Our guess is stress. Stress can do such unseemly things to a person. So many physiological symptoms that can get to the point of totally debilitating (sp?). Through the miracle of Young Living's Essential Oils and a combination of other things ... I think we're on the road to being back to the normal energy levels and feeling well. Thank God. Now I could really use a massage ...

The weekend brought a houseful of giggling girls to celebrate Anna's birthday.
(We're msising one in this picture. She was probably doing her hair or something like that.)
Oh, I love it. The giggling and laughter. Let it always be that way. Anna turned 17 last week. I can't hardly believe it myself. How can that be? Where has the time gone and what have we done with all of it?

She's already got the itch to be out on her own in a place filled with friends. I'm probably not going to have her laughing in my house for too many more sleeps. I'll enjoy them while I can.

Then again .... once she moves out I may have this back again.
We sold the Tahoe when we left Alaska. Jari found a screaming deal on this Chevy Classic. I'm not a fan of riding so low to the ground, but I'm getting use to it. I also love the way it whips a u-ball in the middle of nearly anywhere. And that is saying nothing of the gas mileage. Not so hot in town with the air conditioner running, but we manage to put on mega miles. 30 mpg on the trip to Flagstaff when we went. Not bad! I'll ride the pavement for that! We've added a few things like new brakes, rotars, tires and tint. I'm hoping it lasts long enough so I don't have share another vehicle with my offspring.

After a very refreshing weekend at Bible Camp, we started our Monday.
It has been 2 months since I worked. To be perfectly honest, last week I was ready to head back to work. I have projects. I have LOTS and LOTS of projects. They aren't all done, but when I can spend several hours in the morning doing digital scrapbooking ... it might be time to add a little work to my week. I had days where I felt like I got nothing done. I should have run to visit somewhere, but I'm a creature of homebody habit. Not always a good thing, but I did get some scrapbooking done!
Today I started orientation at St Lukes. I've been down there, downtown, several times and at the most, it has taken me 20 minutes to get there. I left in what I thought was plenty of time today, 45 minutes early. And then I ran into a nasty bit of traffic.
 I could have screeched! Then, I'm nearly to the hospital and I get to wait for a school bus that looked to be picking up an entire busload of kids at one stop.

Stress? I was getting there. Even worse was the fact that I was missing the breakfast they were offering of cheese danishes and coffee. That was enough to get my blood pressure up. I made it. I survived the day of hospital policies and one corporate plan after another for one thing or another. In nursing school I learned to sleep with my eyes open. I tried that today, but it has been too long. Either I've forgotten how, or my eyelids have aged and won't stay up there on their own. 3 1/2 more days of this torture this week. Next week I get to start the fun stuff .... and have days off to play.

I came home to our eldest daughter sleeping in the extra bedroom. She made it! It was a table full of giggling girls at dinner ... each voice outdoing the other. Now she gets to start the job hunt that is so much fun!

We've had a decent amount of rain over the weekend. Enough to make the block fences wet by morning.
The weather has cooled off to the point where I actually closed a few of the windows for the night. Getting up the 67 degrees in the house on Sunday morning did that one.
I hauled out a pile of blankets for when we gather out on the patio in the evenings ... dodging sprinklers and watching the grass grow.
I think I like it.

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