Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tuesday the four of us headed out

to watch the Bore Tide come into Turnagain Arm. After spreading the word, we were joined by a few others as well which was fun!
Being as we were there an hour early we managed to take in some of the beauty around us while waiting for the main attraction.
The main attraction turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. According to the Tide Table, Tuesday was suppose to be the best Bore Tide of the year. There will be others and perhaps we'll go down further south the next time it works out to go. Usually, I'm working on the day we might see a good one. What we were hoping to see was a wall of water coming in. Instead ... this is the sight we were treated to.
As we were hanging around afterward, the train came through! When was the last time you frantically dug through your purse for some change (good thing Denise's purse was closer than mine), 
plunked your pennies on the train track and watched the train meander it's way to wherever it is going ... right over your penny.
 Then the trick was to find it! After some help ... she got it! 
It was a fun afternoon.

We may need to call a halt to this running of ours.
My vehicle feels like it's getting about 3 mpg and the price of gasoline is sky rocketing.
I nearly shuddered yesterday when I heard that it may reach $6/gallon by summer.
I'm going to be grounded on my own dirt if that happens.
My own dirt isn't all that bad though.
Jari has been busy raking the yard and we're hoping to get some grass seed down in a few places. It is looking good ... one step at a time.
I planted seeds inside the beginning of the week.
The peas and beans are sprouting, and it's only been 2 days!
Note to self this year included getting peas out early. Self remembered the note.
The porch got cleaned off on Tuesday and room made for the growing of green.
It's getting to the season of Afternoon Nap in Sunshine on Porch. I love that season!


jenny said...

Even though the bore tide wasn't too impressive, the pictures still look neat! And I hear you on the running...I filled my tank the other day at $96.00! And I'm going thru at least a tank a week. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

How much is gas in alaska and arizona? ~j~

Jenny said...

jen, gas is about $3.65 Here. Higher in some parts of the city