Friday, April 8, 2011

A splendiferous Friday!

Laundry sorted, mail sorted, bills paid.
Then I was off to the thing that has been just bothering me. Out to the cabin with the carpet shampooer. I avoided the bedroom completely. The rest of it was fair game. The extra stuff got moved out, the carpet shampooed, the windows washed and the bathroom scrubbed (except the shower .. I really don't like those things).
Then my hubby decided that ...
it really needed some paint. So he started painting. There won't be too many white walls left around here by the time we're done. We have added color galore and I love it!
The yard needs cleaning, I know. If you can believe it, we had insulation size snowflakes falling this morning. The temps look to be hanging in the 40's for the next week. More yardwork coming tomorrow. Maybe even a rip roaring bonfire. For those of you who have been waiting ... this is what my cabin/guest house looks like today. A beckoning porch light and needing some white chairs. Or maybe a church pew.
 We stopped and had some lunch .... 
and then I started that outside cleaning. How on earth does one pick out all the lilac leaves out of the strawberry plants? I let them sit all winter and sort of cover the plants. I remember covering strawberry plants with pine needles growing up. I don't have those handy pine trees, I figured the lilac leaves would do and they must have. I picked out two wheel barrow loads full and found that we have green shoots on the strawberries! My strawberry rhubarb pie garden is starting!!
I really did work all day while listening to an audio book on my new phone. I think I may just be in love with that thing. Skip the e-mail reading and the Facebook updates. Give me audio books and texting .. I'm pumped. The last load of clothes is ready to hit the dryer and I'm down to towels and sheets. That is big. In one of my million trips up and down the stairs, I thought I'd share a small corner of my mudroom. We are serious about this white, tan and red thing around here. The floor is red as well. It was just so dirty that I didn't dare let the lens sink that low.
You have to see this one as well. This space behind these doors was completely worthless and unused when we moved in. The door on the left now holds Brock's bedroom. The door straight ahead leads to the other part of the basement. That white doorway in the back is the entrance to my laundry room. Jari did these while I was off vacationing in sunshine. I had to include a shot of the door frame. It took some creativity to get that one done. I love how it looks.
Can't believe it is only Saturday tomorrow. Tia will be thrilled with me as I have a bit of a project for her to help me with. It involves the Dremel and will certainly involve hair ties as well. Yard cleaning, maybe some raking (between the fields of snow), hopefully some sewing and maybe even some seed sowing.

Oh, yeah. I forgot. Spider transplantation as well.

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mom said...

I believe you are going to miss your rhubarb and strawberries. I
think rhubarb needs a freeze to grow! Love the looks of your cabin. mom