Friday, April 8, 2011

I made a deal and then the power went out.

That was last Sunday.
I saved this blog in drafts and, if this is any indication of the week, am finally back to it again.

Last Sunday the power went out. In the middle of drying my hair at about noon.
I still had bars to bake for church that weren't going to get done right then.
The computers aren't anywhere close to being like my rotary dial princess phone that still works when the power goes out so I really couldn't finish printing things for my Sunday School lesson ....
so Jari, Tia and I left for a while.
(Jari was sick but I dragged him out anyway.)

You see the deal was this.
I have been sort of hounded into getting an iphone and have refused.
"I don't need one."
"Once something else is paid off ...."
If you're a mom, you know how that goes.
The dentist still needs my money. The radiologist still needs my money. Aargh! They, and so many more, seem to want a chunk of me.
So, I made a deal.
Once the siding was on the cabin, I would get an iphone.
Last Saturday the siding was all on. Not painted, but on.

Sunday, when the power, went out I had a fabulous idea.
The 3 of us took a gift card I had received and went out for some ...
and headed for the AT&T store.

I'm learning.
I've become quite attached to the Sudoku game.
I love, love, love the texting on this phone. To have a conversation you can actually see without flipping back and forth between in and outboxes is fantabulous! I can actually see the keys and hit them without reading glasses.
The other stuff will take me a while.
Like Words with Friends. My kids gave me a user name that has something to do with spaghetti. I really don't know what it is.
For now I am wired. I am connected. I will probably become dependent before too long.

Today is Friday. The first day of a 4 day weekend.
My eyes popped open at 5:10 and the cat wanted out at 5:12.
In the past week my feet have walked 40 hours. My legs feel like they've walked 400 miles.
We have had sunshine, warm weather, rain, snow and wind.
In between those weather moments, the cabin got painted.
I took naps nearly every evening after work ... and I don't get home until 7 pm.
I took what I consider the best sauna of my life this week.
Tia has only made it through one full day of school so far this week. She has been sick, sick, sick. She's trying again today.
I haven't looked at the mail pile in over a week.

I have a chore list for the next few days.
It is in my head.
I might write it down.
I might just take away the spider's jungle gym.
They are having entirely too much fun.

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