Sunday, March 11, 2012

Seaport Village and San Diego at night.

The last of our 24 hours. Finally!
Seaport Village is a place we've enjoyed many times.
Perhaps this is the day that I really realized how much I love my camera.

Note to my kids. Please don't take me here with curlers in my hair. Ever.

This particular evening, I realized how much I'd like another lens as well!
Would like, cetainly don't need.
Every place on earth has its own peace and beauty.
Perhaps in the places that are so populated, one finds that peace in the still of the evening when the light shimmers across the water.
Imagine one of these boats being your hideaway.
Imagine being rocked to sleep under the stars.

In the still and quiet of the night.

Today marks another one of those days that bring me one year closer to another decade number.
Fun to receive phone calls with group or solo Happy Birthday wishes sung across the miles.
I have eaten myself into nearly a sugar coma, for which I will pay dearly by morning.
Oi, the prices we must pay somedays.
I've stayed up so late for so many nights that I'm nearly in a coma without the sugar infusion!
No green beans at Market on the Move this week. Big bummer. At the same time, it frees me from the pressure cooker this week. Frees me to see what other kinds of trouble I can get myself into.
Jari joined me for a little bit of garage sale shopping and the Market on Saturday. My sweetest deal of the day ... wash cloths for 5 cents a piece! He wouldn't stop for pallets for me tho'. Claims we really don't need to be adding those things to the back yard. I'm thinking that might be a good kind of trouble to get into this week. I think I'm safe ... he doesn't spend a lot of time in the blog world.

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Anonymous said...

Love your pictures. Especially the boats on the water. Riitta