Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Life's perpetual vacation came to a halt.

The reliving of it will be back in the next few days, but today is one of those days off.
I love not working Wednesday.
Depending on my mood, I might start in bright and early cleaning.
I might work on something computer/Christmas related.
I might bake.
Or I might try hit the mail basket.
I finally moved to TWO baskets in hope of solving a little problem.
My wallet is constantly overflowing with receipts.
My husband's receipts seem to disappear into oblivion.
I would have never survived without online banking, at least I have half a clue!
I seriously need cash envelopes.
Maybe next year.
So, the other basket is suppose to be for receipts. It is partially working.
Partial is always better than not at all.

Remember this little board I made a while back? It was suppose to be for household chores.
Apparently, I have failed in the chore department. It works better if I just issue orders as I see things.
They walk right by the board and don't even notice it.
On my end, not only do I forget to remind them of the board ... I completely forget it exists.
It's rather hopeless.
This week I decided to try something else with it instead.
It is currently a menu planner.
I also decided that my goal this month is to not cook. I then amended it to at least half the month.
Time to teach these girls how to work in the kitchen.

Day #1 it worked. Anna made sloppy joes with minimal assist. Sweet!!

Day #2 didn't go so well. The plan was for roast in the crockpot and I didn't get around to helping Tia get that ready for me to just plug in before I went to work. Shucks!

Instead, I came home to a house that smelled absolutely delicious!
Jari had seasoned and put the roast in the crockpot.
Potatoes and green beans were cooking.
I'll not count my chickens before they're all hatched in April, but maybe this will work after all!

I had no clue what Miss Anna was doing in the hall, but all of a sudden she tells me,
"I won't be home on the 9th, 16th or 30th."
Not knowing what she was aiming at and not sure what she had scheduled, I asked "why?"
Her answer, "I don't like leftovers."

Evening update:
Day 3 success! Halibut fajitas for dinner with directions and minimal assist given by Mom. 
Sweet. Sweet. Sweet.

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Anonymous said...

great idea for the board, and to have the girls help with dinners! what are some of your meals this month? I could use some help!!