Thursday, March 15, 2012

The hoarder in me.

She has a problem with more than tomato sauce cans.
She also likes fabric.
Usually recyclable stuff.
A few years ago (thank goodness I can honestly say it hasn't been much longer than that!), I bought a bunch of these remnant pieces that come in books off of Ebay.
That Ebay thing alone was quite a learning lesson.
It was my first purchase using that mode of shopping and I hit that Click button before my brain registered the price of shipping.
Ouch! It was quite painful ... usually the way I learn my lessons best.

Vacation week has given me a few days to play with the sewing machine.
The other day I whipped up some little doll blankets for a couple nieces of mine who are much too young to be able to read this.
Sometimes I think a pattern might be easier to follow than the wing it plan, but it worked.

My goal was to get rid of that pile of fabrics. It was quite a modge podge of colors, texture and design. Today I was at the table sewing long before I even thought of getting out of pajamas.
Just have to love, love, love a day like this one!
After a lot of what if I do this and some of what if I do that ... I sort of came up with a plan that seemed to work in the end.
My seam allowances ended up being a big larger than I usually sew and fabric pieces certainly dwindle quickly when you're cutting and sewing.  What looked like it would be a good size throw or blanket when the pieces were just laid out on the bed to begin with certainly turned into a throw. About 4' x 4.5'. It'll work for a nap. That's what counts!

The rest of that particular pile of fabric is hitting the trash tomorrow. Just bits and pieces left and I don't need another drawer or two of bits and pieces.

It needs some kind of filling and backing after which it will be ready for a nap or a good book.
Comfort throws.
My kind of thing.


Joni said...

Love your creations! I dream of the day when I 'have the time' to see if I can become creative with the sewing machine! :) (That day will come before I know it!)

Kendra Jean said...

Love it! I should really pull out my machine and start a few projects :) except I don't have all the fabric lying around, so would have to go start from scratch! I made my very first quilt with a stash of those sample fabric packs my mom had lying around when I was about 12 :) You could add some size to it with a solid color border? not much tho.

Amber said...

Oooh.. I like it! Fun to know you were able to finally use those pieces of material! One can never have too many blankets right?

Keilah said...

And one can never have too many quilts! I love the throw. I think the best quilts are the ones that don't start with a plan or pattern and have lots and lots of different fabrics! It's lovely.