Monday, March 5, 2012

24 hours

First of all. I've already told you that we've had company, company, company.
Super fun.
Loads of visiting and running.
More loads of late nights.
I probably have more than a few pictures to share with you.

The recent weekend is most fresh in my mind and on my camera ...
so hang in there!
Our niece Amber, with her daughter Evelyn, was visiting from Alaska and had never been to California.
We did one of those flying sight seeing trips ... with several cameras in town.
Fun all the way around.

For the most part, my photos were taken in 24 hours.
It may take me 24 days to share them with you, but they're fun.
Your little people might even like some of them.

We had several of the obligatory border state little stops to make sure we weren't transporting things like fruit or illegal aliens.

After a bit of a drive, we made it to our destination on Shelter Island. Our front door looked out at the marina. After finding something to eat, Amber & I promptly grabbed our cameras and headed out the front door to try our self timers and settings on our cameras. I rarely challenge myself in the camera department. There just seem to be enough other challenges in life that adding another one, fun or not, usually doesn't fit into the equation. I learned something. I'll do it more often!

In the morning we headed out and pretty much had a plan in mind. We started in LaJolla. A few  miscellaneous shots from there ...

.... to be continued sooner rather than later.

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I love your night shots!